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Menelaos Kamatsos is a writer of carnival satire.

His grandfather, Themistocles Doukaros, was a musician and played the santouri in musical groups of Agiasos. Also, an uncle on his mother side, Stratis Rodanos, was a professional musician and played the violin in a musical group of Agiasos.

Courses in space and time:
Menelaos Kamatsos has lived permanently in Agiasos, except during the time of 1949-1951 when he emigrated to Argentina. During that period he owned the industry of factoring cloth for olive processing (1930-1940 decades), Menelaos Kamatsos traveled frequently to several places in Greece, such as Piraeus, Northern Greece, the Aegean islands, for work purposes.

Professional (or amateur) occupation with music:
In 1928, Menelaos Kamatsos, along with his professional occupation in olive oil cloth, starts to write amateur satire for the Agiasos Carnival. The writing of these satirical texts was done little by little during the year. The texts were read by speakers at the Agiasos Carnival, which reaches its peak on the Lent Monday. Since the 1990 decade and until this day, Menelaos Kamatsos applies himself exclusively to the writing of satirical texts. He talks, comparing the writing techniques of the texts from the first years he started on it till today.
"I start writing satire in '28. At the time, we were not doing so well, I mean the kind of inspiration we had. The texts did not rhyme, they had no meaning, so to speak. See, we spoke about village events. But little by little… Now, if you get me, not only you have to matvh things so they have meaning, you have to close the whole the whole thing like an article. This is the master stroke".