Bachas Giorgos | Chios | Biographical data
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Vrontados, Chios
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Giorgos Bachas was born in Vrontados, Chios, in 1929. He was a professional musician who played the trumpet. His parents, Markos Bachas and Vgera Diamanda, died in 1933 and 1936, respectively, and, since the age of seven, Giorgos grew up in the orphanage of Mytilini.

He first began playing music at the orphanage of Mytilini, when the orphanage’s band caught his interest. He took his first lessons at age fourteen, with his teacher, Konstantinos Chatziefstratiou, who was head teacher of music at the orphanage.

He did his military service in the Navy, in Skaramangas, from 1952. During that time, he also played in the Navy band. In addition, the fact that he was based in Athens gave him the opportunity to attend classes at the State Conservatory of Athens for nine months, during which time he gained knowledge of both the theoretical and practical aspects of music.

In 1954, Giorgos Bachas joined a semi-professional band consisting of himself, his cousin, Patiniotis, who played the harmonium, and a vocalist by the name of Kitrinos. This collaboration lasted for a year, and it was the only time Giorgos Bachas was a permanent member of a band. During the rest of his career as a musician, he played the trumpet in various bands, the Chios philharmonic orchestra, and various musical events, but never joined one band on a regular basis. He was collaborated with several musicians, such as Konstantinos Sevastakis, who came from Samos and played the clarinet, Katsouris, who played the bouzouki, Michalis Kalikanis who plated the saxophone, Filousakis, who played the harmonium, Marios Neamonitakis, who played the saxophone, and another saxophonist known as “Papinos”.

Giorgos Bachas performed at the festival of Aghia Paraskevi, in Kalamoti of Chios, almost every year. During the festival, he generally joined Kostas Minadakis, who played the trumpet and the drums, Sideris Zervoudis, who played the violin, Plakotaris, who played the clarinet and the harmonium, and Kostas Pavlidakis, who played the guitar.

He also performed in clubs, such as the Navy club at the centre of Chios. He worked with the municipal band of Chios, as well as the philharmonic orchestra, the orphanage band for marches and national holidays, and the Navy band in Athens, where he did his military service. Since 1946, he has joined the Chios philharmonic orchestra in performances featuring excerpts of classical pieces. Later, he taught at the Chios Philharmonic for a number of years, until 2004.

His first trumpet was a gift from his brothers, who were sailors but, as he says himself, it was not of good quality. His second trumpet was a gift from Nikos Martakis. Giorgos Bachas pointed out that this trumpet was made by one of the best companies around at the time, “Selmer Paris”. It was second hand, but in very good condition.