Kolyvas Angelis | chios | Biographical data
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Aghios Georgios Sykousis, Chios
• Short biography

Angelis Kolyvas was born in Aghios Georgios Sykousis, Chios, in 1924. He was a practical musician and played the toubi [a small drum], while making a living out of agriculture.

On learning music, he said: “By myself, by myself, I took it up. Well, with Mr. Tsikolis [a musician – gaida], we were neighbours […]. Yes, we were neighbours since a long time and he taught me a few things. This is how you play, this is how you hold the drum. Well, with time, I learnt […]. He was a good musician.”

The two instruments most commonly played at the festivals in Lithi, Didymes and Aghios Georgios Sykousis were the toubi and the tsabouna. On this fact, and the local musicians, Angelis Kolyvas said: “The two tsabouna players – Kallipetis wasn’t around at the time – were Doulos, Stelios Doulos, and the other one I played with, Tsikolis. Someone by the name of Sarandis also played the toubi […]. What was Kouses’ name? Patras, that was it, Kouses’ surname. Well, then there were the children of Doulos, they played the toubi and the gaida and the tsabouna […]. Over here we had the santouri, the violin, the clarinet and the oud, there was nothing else. They had the same instruments everywhere, there were no other instruments. Later, the rest of it came out, the guitar, the bouzouki, things changed.”

Angelis Kolyvas played the toubi for 36 years. He regularly performed in events held during Carnival [Apokreies] and to mark the New Year: “[On Carnival season, he said:] Listen, there were two toubis, One toubi on this side, another on the other side, and there were flags, too, if you got there in time. Then another toubi would come along to take the flag around, and there was fighting among the different groups… We had fun, it was good. There was a lot of dancing during Carnival, even the old ladies danced, and they drank, too.”

Describing the audience’s response during Carnival season, and especially during the final week, Angelis Kolyvas said: “During the last week of Carnival, we played every night, every night. From Sunday 8 till 8 [o’clock] we played, from Sunday until Ash Monday [Kathara Deftera]. Every night, every night. Crowds would gather in the square, out there, where you asked, that’s where we played. We played in here, too. Sure, there were girls, and lads. There weren’t too many people in the other villages, so they all gathered here. Girls and boys, young people, old people…”

A notable event in Angelis Kolyvas’ career was the honorary plaque presented to him in 2006 by the Municipality of Chios, as part of an event held in honour of the local musicians. Angelis Kolyvas only played music in the villages of Chios. The only exceptions were his performances at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition, and in a hotel in Athens, as part of an event organised by the Chios Mastic Growers Association.